We Believe
in Positive Change

About Jitasa

Inspiration can come from unexpected places. Jeff Russell, Jitasa's founder and CEO, found his inspiration in Thailand. That's where, while working for a large, multinational organization, he had a realization.  If nonprofits could apply the best practices of outsourcing, they could increase their positive effect on the world. Eager to put thought to action, Jeff and his family moved to Boise, Idaho to launch Jitasa.

Jitasa has since become the first and largest national accounting and bookkeeping services provider dedicated solely to the nonprofit sector.

The Spirit of Jitasa

Jitasa Our name, Jitasa (ji-tah-suh), means “The Spirit of Serving Others.”  It’s who we are and why we believe there’s no higher value than partnering with nonprofits to make the world a better place. We are passionate about broadening nonprofit outreach. That’s why we approach every day with a goal of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of nonprofit organizations.  We focus on the numbers so you can effect change.

One Focus

We only work with nonprofits. Nonprofit accounting is unique. Accounting in this sector requires specialized knowledge. There are nuances to maintaining a tax exempt status, accurately recording and tracking grant monies, and establishing best practices, etc. To initiate and maintain these nuances requires specialized knowledge and experience of financial, accounting and bookkeeping needs in the nonprofit sector. We take care of the financial and regulatory details so nonprofits can stay focused on their missions. We believe there is no higher value that an organization can deliver than helping to make the world a better place. Discover Jitasa’s nonprofit finance and accounting solutions.

Certified B Corporation

Jitasa is a Certified B Corporation.  We commit to meeting higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. This certification requires us to go above and beyond a traditional corporation.  It also provides an official third party process to ensure we stay true to our values as we grow. Our B Certification means we agree to consider the impact of our day-to-day business decisions on not only our customers and investors, but also on our employees, suppliers, the environment and the community.  Learn more on Jitasa's B Corp Page.

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