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Steve Doud - BSA Account Executive, Jitasa
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66 BSA Councils Currently Utilize Jitasa's Services

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About Jitasa

Jitasa is the largest national accounting and bookkeeping provider dedicated solely to the nonprofit sector. Our name means “The Spirit of Serving Others,” and we are passionate about broadening nonprofit outreach.

Jitasa began supporting BSA Councils in January 2011, since then we have spent time developing bookkeeping and accounting solutions dedicated to improving our client councils’ accounting function.

Why Jitasa is a Great Fit for Your BSA Council


In May 2011, Jitasa was formally named as the BSA’s Preferred Vendor for Shared Accounting Services. We currently work with 66 BSA councils across all four regions. Plus, we offer an entire team of Accounting Associates dedicated strictly to BSA accounting and trained to work directly in PeopleSoft and all other BSA accounting and finance systems.


With our team based service model you receive continuity of service from a fully staffed accounting department trained in BSA accounting systems and processes. In addition, Jitasa is the first BSA vendor to be granted full access to the BSA firewall, allowing for operational efficiencies. And finally, our pricing is simple and flat rate. Once we’ve determined the services that best suit your council’s needs, you’ll receive the same bill every month, with no surprises or hidden fees.


The BSA councils we serve are delighted. In a client satisfaction survey conducted in November 2014, many BSA councils rated Jitasa with the highest rating possible. Some of the specific survey results include the following:

Scout Executive Video Testmonials

Click on the videos below to hear fellow Scout Executives share their insight regarding Jitasa’s engagement with their councils.

Council Challenges

Council Challenges Preview

Listen to Scout Executives describe the challenges their councils were facing that resulted in exploring Jitasa’s BSA accounting service.

Evaluation Process

Evaluation Process Preview

The process for evaluating Jitasa’s BSA accounting model is explained by Scout Executives who considered and selected Jitasa for the council’s accounting function.

Accounting Improvements

Accounting Improvements Preview

Hear fellow Scout Executives reflect on the improvement Jitasa’s service has provided to their council’s accounting processes and function.

Council Benefits

Council Benefits Preview

In this video, Scout Executives share their observations of the overall benefits the Jitasa engagement has brought to council operations.