We believe in positive change.

That’s why we’ve decided it’s time for us to change
how we present ourselves.


Easy Office works for nonprofits, and nonprofits only…

because we love helping nonprofits bring good and positive
change to the world through our expertise and discipline.

We’re business professionals
helping to do good.
And that feels great.

We deliver real value that, in turn, helps more nonprofits help more people.

We’re number crunchers with a purpose.

Our approach allows us to provide essential business
support to nonprofits as partners.

We work with, not just for, nonprofits.

There’s strength in numbers and good
in helping nonprofits make
a bigger difference.

Coming together helps us all make a larger impact on our world.

There’s a word for why we do what we do.

It’s Jitasa.

And it’s our new name.

It means “the spirit of serving others.”

It’s who we are and why we believe there’s no higher value that an
organization can deliver than helping to make the world a better,
smarter, more beautiful place.