Finance & Accounting Solutions for Nonprofits at Any Stage

Books & Accounting Services

Our Books & Accounting Services are designed to allow you to spend more of your time and energy on
what you do best, your mission.

Whether you want to outsource the entire suite, accounting only, or certain functions, Jitasa can set up your accounting structure and process, manage your daily transactions, provide month and year end services.

Let us create a custom support package to suit your nonprofit’s needs.

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Nonprofit Accounting Support Center

We realize outsourcing isn’t for everyone, which is why we created the Jitasa Nonprofit Accounting Support Center. Our Support Center puts the knowledge and expertise of our nonprofit accountants a phone call or email away.

Whether you have a bookkeeper, board treasurer, or a CPA on retainer, we can support you by conducting research and answering questions related to grant requirements, nonprofit vs for-profit differences, demystifying IRS requirements, best practice templates, and more.

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Nonprofit Financial Tools

We believe that behind every number is an important story to be discovered and communicated.

Our Nonprofit Financial Tools are designed to help you analyze and communicate your financial, funding, and program data so you can grow your nonprofit and drive donor engagement.

We offer 3 high impact packages delivered through your assigned Jitasa Financial Analyst and your custom Jitasa Dashboard.

  • Board Engagement
  • Financial Planning
  • Donor & Funder Engagement
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IRS Form 1023 Support Services

Our IRS Form 1023 Support Services is designed to help your nonprofit with the most confusing aspects of the IRS application process: legal / IRS questions and financials.

Jitasa will create the financial documents required by the IRS Form 1023. Our service partner Hurwit & Associates will provide two hours of paralegal consult, including IRS and state filing requirements, corporate documents, board, governance, and other start up matters.

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IRS Form 1023

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